About Us

“Home is not a place; it’s a feeling”


is a home decor brand whose distinct voice and identity sparkles with high standards in terms of its curation – of craft, class and consciousness. With a unique personality of its own and stemming from an intent to create for the customer an experience that is minimalist, eclectic, aspirational and seamless, Kairos brings to the table a nuanced understanding of a dynamic shopper along with its core expertise in terms of sieving through a barrage of what is available in the market and showcasing brands and products that are truly representative of quality in terms of craft, aesthetics, and experience.


is conscious of the notion of privilege and applies that equally to the brands that create home products and accessories that are beautiful, desirable, and make a statement – small or big – as well as the shopper who earns and thereafter owns a slice of privilege by virtue of investing in a product – small or big – that is crafted with value and has the possibility of creating memories, forever! Because, at Kairos, we believe that privilege is a constant that must be valued, nurtured and preserved.

The Team



Pavitra is a merchandiser and a fashion blogger based in Chennai, and is on top of the game with styles and trends in this dynamic world of fashion. She brings to Kairos the energy and expertise it will need in terms of its marketing and PR.



Nikita is an aesthete and an entrepreneur who is as close to the craft as she is to the business side of things. Equipped with an education in marketing and online fashion retail, both from universities abroad, Nikita also brings to the brand her experience of working at brands like Stella McCartney, London. She understands the need to constantly bridge the gap in ways that are empathetic and innovative between the creator and the consumer.