Ginkgo Leaf Platter Set of Two Copper


Nakshi craft on copper, metal carving


The organic form of this platter is the key highlighting feature of this product. This handcrafted, piece shows the detailing of the veins and the skill of the metal artisan. It is made in copper, thus, making it totally food safe. Made I pure copper making it reddish brown in colour. Made by Studio Trataka

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SET OF TWO Large: 12.59n x 12.59in x 10.9in Small: 6.8in x 5.6in x 1.5in

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Ready products to be dispatched in 3-5days. Made to order products to be dispatched in two weeks. All the product are unique in itself, as they are handcrafted. Finish variations and slight differences are part of the craft of this product hence should not be considered as a defect. We reserve the right to deny returns of damaged/defective or mismatched products if the complaint is found to be frivolous or baseless. Exchange in case of broken or manufacturing defect.


To be wiped with a dry cloth