Lotus Stool Large


With fine, eye-pleasing design to enhance your home decor, this eco-friendly, sustainable, bamboo stool is multifunctional and can be used as a side table. It’s a furniture one must-have.



Designed for space saving, quick, informal seating, the form of the stool is inspired from lotus, and can also be used as a side table. Modelled from flat bamboo sections, consistent with age and use, the structure is distinctly strong yet supple and the fresh natural tones add value to its aesthetics.
This piece of bamboo furniture is immensely strong and light weight, since the components has been triangulated, joints omitted, modelling a stable geometrical form, distributing the load on the whole structure, making it competitively stronger and easy to mass produce. The stool shares a synergistic relationship between methodology, material and function. Made by Mianzi.

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Black, Blue, Brass, Orange, Yellow

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