Morel Banana Fiber Hanging Lamp


Casting dreamy interplay of light and shadows through handwoven shades of banana fibre, here?s Morel pendant lamps inspired by wild mushrooms.


Morel Hanging Lamp. Tracing the oblong form of Morchella, a fascinating variety of the elusive and prized morel mushrooms, Morel lamps evoke a sense of earthiness and quiet luxury. They naturally blend into modern interiors, accentuating its grace and turning the amber glow of light into enchanting patterns to behold.

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Albescent White

Product Material

Banana Fibre Ropes/ Metal Frame


Earth Heart

Shipping & Return Policy

Shipping in 2 to 3 business weeks. No returns, only exchanges incase of defective/ damaged goods supported with photo evidence within 48 hrs of receiving the product.


This product is handmade and therefore, the product you receive will have slight variations in its shape and weave from the image provided.
Preferred Bulb: LED FILAMENT BULB (WARM | 4W- 6W)Prolonged exposure to sunlight or harsh rays, rain and moisture can be harmful to the fibre. Please use a duster or vacuum cleaner for cleaning.