Nexus Planter Set of 2


This beautiful planter has curved eye catching stands, with textured velvety mat black pot finish. These Planters are designed to make any corner of your home feel and look exotic, designed by the decor remedy the U shaped stands uniquely give a look and feel of luxury.


A normal pot fits in these metal pots, some people style them with the artificial bunch of flowers or artificial plants as well. You can put real indoor plants, the plant in the picture is Peace Lilly.Please make sure that they are cleaned only using a dry cloth. They shouldn’t come in contact with water on an everyday basis since they might get spoiled even though they are chemically treated to last long. Made by Decor Remedy.

Additional information


Total XL planter length 38.5 inches XL Pot diameter 12 inches and depth of the pot 11.5 inches Total Large Planter length 34 inches Large Pot diameter 10 inches and depth of the pot 9.5 inches