Ovate Tall Planters Shiny Black and Gold Stands

12,000 9,990

These beautiful planters add a charm to any space in your home. Add some flower sticks, plant pots or even faux plants to add the perfect touch of greeen to your space. Be it vertical plants or droopy plants anything can be put in them. Where vertical plants add height to the already existing height of the planters, the drooping ones just look super glam and pretty.


Our Beautiful Ovate shaped planters look beautiful, available in 5 colors combinations, you can choose any look for your space.

The biggest one is – 3.1 Feet Tall with pot diameter of 1 foot
The medium sized one is – 2.8 Feet tall with Pot diameter of 1 foot
The smallest one is – 2.4 Feet tall with Pot diameter of 1 foot Made by Decor Remedy.

Additional information


Large 28in x 28in x 96in
Medium 28in x 28in x 88in
Small 28in x 28in 73in

Shipping & Return Policy

Products dispatched within 7-10 days. Returns accepted within two days incase of damaged goods.


Please use a soft dry cloth for cleaning. Please make sure they do not come in direct contact with water. The plants are not included