Ravenna Side Table


With pigmented concrete table tops embedded with bright coloured terrazzo chips inspired from the sherbet-coloured buildings of the Ravenna province in Italy.



This accent table looks fresh and modern with a curved slab edge and fluted wedge base. The interaction of the geometric design with metallic finish and expressive colors creates a sculptural cast base taking? a refined architectural stance while using traditional methods of molding the bronze base.Due to the characteristics of pigmented concrete and the handcrafting involved for the bronze base, each table is unique. Made by Studio Neon Attic.

Additional information


15.74" x 15.74" x 24.80

Product Materials

Terrazzo and Bronze

Shipping & Return Policy

Ships in 4 to 6 weeks. Exchanges only in case of damaged or defective goods.Returns not accepted.


This item is artisan crafted with meticulous care. Given its handmade and hand finished nature, variations and imperfections in the metal work are to be expected and celebrated.Each item is unique and no two are identical.
Do not place hot items directly on the surface; use coasters under beverages to prevent marks and stains.
Wipe with a soft, dry cloth; avoid the use of harsh chemicals except the metallic base can be cleaned with brasso.
Do not palace this item out in direct sunlight, to prevent discolouration of the concrete table top.