Teak Geometry Candleholder


Handcrafted set of 4 wooden candleholders in geometric shapes.


Teak geometry is a set of 4 uniquely shaped wooden candle stands. We have one triangle, a cylinder, a hexagonal tube, & a rectangular tower, in varying heights, crafted in teakwood and polished in different shades, highlighting the drama of geometry. Handmade with love one piece at a time, these candle holders are unique in their appearance and presentation. The intense and handcrafting process will ensure each piece is different from any other. Designed with care and perfection this candleholder is best placed on centre tables, consoles and dining tables in clusters with other pieces.

Additional information


Hexagon :- 3.5in X 3.5in X 6in HT. Cylinder 3in DIA X 7in HT Rectangle 3in X 3in X 5inHT. Triangle 4in X 4in X 2.5in



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Shipping in 2 Weeks(excluding holidays). No returns, exchanges only incase of defective or damaged goods.


Clean with soft dry cloth