Vintage Brass Gold Feather Spoon Set of 6


As you look for ideas to decorate the table for luxury dining, this vintage style stainless steel and brass spoon set is on top of the list everytime.


Sure to bring a touch of old world charm in your sit down table setting! This cutlery with beautifully casted golden brass handles in the shape of feather, remains forever in vogue. Use it to style your dinner table or gift it to make occasions memorable one.

Additional information


Spoon 7in


gold and silver

Product Materials

Brass & Stainless Steel

Shipping & Return Policy

Shipping in 1 week. No returns. Exchanges only incase of damaged goods.


Gently wipe with clean & wet soft cloth. As an artisan handmade product it may have minor variations that should not be misconstrued as defect.