York Bedset


Patterned with a scallop design our velvet bedding pairs classic design with the relaxed comfort of cotton velvet. Our “Velvet Scallop Bedding” is the perfect addition of elegant touch to your bed.



Our “York Natural Bedding Set” is the perfect weekend Bedding. Ideal for napping all day , super soft ,comfy and luxurious . You would never want to leave your bed! Made by Belleven.

Set inclusions   Quilt size      Pillow size
King 1Q, 2P       90” x 100”    28” x 18”
Queen 1Q, 2P    86” x 94”      28” x 18”
Twin 1Q, 1P       68” x 86”      28” x 18”

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Shipping & Return Policy

Shipping in 2 to 3 weeks. No returns, only exchange incase damaged during transit.


Machine washable.